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Interview Questions - String Chain

String Chain interview question was asked to me at the first step of hiring process. It was a bad experience as a whole, but i'm not a quitter. So i decided to write them here to force myself to understand deeply these kind of algorithm questions. Copied the whole question… »

Overview on Google’s Physical Web Project and Bluetooth Smart for Beacons

You can download this research article. INTRODUCTION Mobile and wireless communication market are characterized by rapidly changing technology, evolving customer demands and with the rapid growth of wireless communication services and network technology, many new wireless technologies are emerging [1]. Beacon technology is one of the new Bluetooth communication technology… »

Step by Step - Gulp

This post is not well structured, but contains lots of useful information about Gulp and front end development using Gulp. By the way, i'm not a front end developer. But i think it is worth it. To remember "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is… »

Discussion on TDD and Refactoring - part 1

Whichever programming language you know or you use for your projects, sooner or later you will hear “refactoring” or you already have known the meaning of this word (of course, keep reading). The question in my mind is ready and simple before starting of this article, but explanation and application… »